Wednesday, November 28, 2012

9 Things That Are Stressful About Christmas and Ideas to Help

Top Things That Stress People Around The holidays
I asked my facebook page friends to share what stresses them out the most about the Christmas season and this is what they said:

  • Bills
  • Housework
  • Shopping
  • Family Tensions
  • The Day Before
  • Working in Retail
  • Getting the Decorations Out
  • Wrapping the Gifts on Time
  • People That Don't Enjoy the Season
I thought I would share some ideas on these points in case anyone else have these same problems.

  1. Bills – Christmas does cost a lot and if you are on a budget it is a big worry. One thing to do is just do gifts for the people in your immediate family such as your kids and husband or just your kids. Purchase gifts in the amount that fits the budget and don't compare your budget to someone else. You can make some gifts but sometimes making them costs more than buying them if your looking at it from a money saving point. Most people already have decorations so you really don't have to spend in this area if you can't afford it this year. My favorite saying is “Use what you have”.
  2. Housework – On this I just clean a little at a time during the month and try to keep all the major things under control. Remember to do some cleaning other than your basics each day.
  3. Shopping – I have the kids make a list out and then I pick out the things that I can afford on my Christmas budget. I have them do this early in the season in November and then I buy things a little at a time. I don't shop Black Friday sales but I do Cyber Monday, I have found the gifts I want to buy are much cheaper online.
  4. Family Tensions – I don't really have an idea for this one but sometimes it is better to stay clear of people that cause you stress or family trouble.
  5. The Day Before – Make a list of all the things that need to be done and check them off as you go. Some things you can do earlier in the week to help reduce this stress.
  6. Working in Retail – I have worked retail and people are mean and most don't care how they treat you. I don't have any ideas for this one either except for the shoppers to treat the retail workers with respect and show some Christmas blessings toward them.
  7. Getting the Decorations Out – This is a stress for most because the decorations are usually put away in a place that makes them hard to get to. I know mine are. I would like to work on storing them in an easier to get to place this year when Christmas is over. Another idea is to go through the decorations and get rid of some of them if you have too many and that will be easier to store less when you put them up.
  8. Wrapping the Gifts on Time – I try to wrap the gifts as I get them and then hide them until we put them under the tree.
  9. People That Don't Enjoy the Season – If you can't get away from them just ignore it the best you can and don't let them get you down. Most people that don't enjoy the season are those that try to do it the way the rest of the world does it. They want the best gifts and perfect food and decorations and that is usually not what the kids and family want. People say kids get anything they want these days and it is hard to buy for them but unless you have raised very selfish kids they will like anything that they get to unwrap.

What are some stresses you have about the holidays or maybe some ideas for the ones in this post.

Getting through the holidays

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